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Influencer Spotlight #1 : Jarrod Blasé of Years of Mercî

Posted on 26 July 2016

Jarred Blasé Years of Mercî Instagram influencer
Who are you and where are you based?
My name is Jarrod Blasé, I'm 22 years young. I would call myself a visionary, I am always looking for new ways to push the boundaries in not only fashion but in life. Daily I focus on advancing my brand “Years of Mercî” I also focus much of my time on modeling, and
styling. Fashion is about knowing how to put the outfit together. Just because you have a Supreme box logo t-shirt and a pair of Yeezys does not make you fly. Many people don't understand this and go out looking like a dumbass LOL. I'm located In New York, NY.
How long have you been actively blogging/styling?
I wouldnt call my self a blogger, Ive been posting my personal style to instgram for a few
years now. I believe my style and mind is always advancing. I post to keep myself and
others up to date. Honestly I try not to follow trends, its important to stay true to your own aesthetic. Be yourself, fuck fitting in, you have no idenitiy when you fit in. Same with
styling I would not call myself a stylist, but I do enjoy putting outfits together. Clothes are
the skin one chooses to wear. Its what everyone makes there initial judgement off of,
lmao, so you have to be the flyest kid in the room.
Jarred Blasé Years of Mercî Instagram influencer
Where is your favourite spot to eat at?
Best spot to eat, Cheekys Sandwiches. Best fried chicken sandwhich you will ever eat. If
you are in NYC you have to go there.
What is your go to fit at the moment?
I always layer no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Currently when I put my outfit
together, the fit uasally consist of one color just different shades. For example yesterday I wore a black extended scoop tank top with a dark grey shirt over it, black bandana, black wax denim, and black Margelia Future lows.
Where is your favourite location to shoot?
I wouldnt say I have a favorite location to shoot but if I am desplaying an outift I will just
shoot on a wall. You can check a few of my fits on @simple.fits But if I am shooting for
my personal intrests my photographer, my team and I often break into abandoned places to get the most ground breaking shots.
Jarred Blasé Years of Mercî Instagram influencer
What brands should people be watching over the next few months?
My brand Years Of Mercî, currently we have our summer collection out. We started with
an essensials collection, but what we have coming out in the fall is off some next level
shit. You will not catch us knocking off other brands deisgns and style, which is a huge
problem in the indutry today. Also watch out for 11BYBBS the brand has been around
for a little bit of time. One of the more ground breaking brands, that not to many people
know about. Their cut make and trim is superior. If you are in NYC check out their store
its definatly an exprenice.
Any new or upcoming projects you want to tell the readers about?
Been working on the Years of Mercî Fall collection look out for that in the up coming
season. I dont want to reveal anything, just wait on it.

What advice would you give to someone who aspires to do what you do?
You just have to take the leap. Im sure many people have heard this before, but its the
most real advice anyone can give. Dont let fear get in your way because its not a real
object. Fear is intangible, meaning it is not something you can physically touch and feel. So what is there to be afraid of, you create fear in your mind. Dont let it control your
How can people follow you?
The only social platform you will catch me on is Instagram: @Jarrod.blase
You can also check out my brand:
A few others creative that you might want to look into:
@marcello.x (Co Founder: Years of Merci)
@timgrasint (Social Media Coordinator: Years of Merci)
Jarred Blasé Years of Mercî Instagram influencer

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