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Influencer Spotlight #2 : Dane Estes a.k.a @danekeke

Posted on 09 August 2016

Instagram Streetwear Brand Influencer Blog
Who are you and where are you based?
Dane Estes, or if you're on ig, @danekeke. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 
How long have you been actively blogging/styling?
I would like to think I have been curating looks my whole life, but in terms of Internet time I'd say about 10 months now? Give or take. 
Where is your favourite spot to eat at?
In all honesty, and I don't know if this is an east coast thing but it doesn't get any better than a steak and cheese sub. That's the way to my heart. :)
What is your go to fit at the moment?
It's been fairy warm lately and I've been in the mode to jumpstart my workouts thanks to @ryanbelanger, so long adidas soccer socks, turtle dove yeezys and shorts has been the go-to. Usually any cut-off will do. 
Where is your favourite location to shoot?
I prefer to shoot inside if possible. Locations are never easy to come by but when you have a hot spot with crazy lighting you can pretty much shoot whatever and it's gonna look hella clean :)
Streetwear Brand Influencer Off-White Fear of God
What brands should people be watching over the next few months?
When it comes to choosing for a "brand" for me, I look at it from an artistic standpoint. If the garments makes a statement and have some attitude, naturally your gonna wanna see what's up. Also, hype and marketing are crazy these days so I have also found its important to get in store and feel it out. Nothing better than throwing on some Y.S.L and stuntin in barneys 😎 
Any new or upcoming projects you want to tell the readers about?
We got some cool stuff in the works for y'all. Make sure to follow myself, @danekeke, and my homie @ryanbelanger , and also check out my blog page up on my ig. We're gonna be throwing up content periodically. Blog posts, shots of shoots, weekly updates on styles, etc. 
Favourite Song at the moment?
Drake ft. Future - Scholarships
What advice would you give to someone who aspires to do what you do?
Persistence is key. Follow your dreams and have faith in all that you do. Also, examine all creative aspects of fashion. Being single minded is for the birds. :)
How can people follow you?
 Instagram: @danekeke
Webpage/blog: lescurieuxx.com
Streetwear Brand Influencer Off-White Fear of God


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