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Upcoming Streetwear Trends You Should Watch

Posted on 31 July 2016

Streetwear is gaining more and more legitimacy in the fashion world. With its influence increasingly showing on runway shows the trends within it seem to becoming more apparent and frequent. Here are a few trends from 2017 we are looking forward to continue to develop.

Pastel colours

After a few years of earth tones dominating the streetwear colour pallet since Yeezy Season 1 we are beginning to see a transition towards softer pastel colours coming through. Soft pinks and blues and cream can be worn as statement pieces when paired with black or grey or can be used to create an effective monochrome outfit. 
pink dad cap streetwear

Bleached denim

With denim never going out of style a good pair of jeans will be a wardrobe staple for life. Last year saw the reinvented Canadian Tuxedo and mid tone washed with the focus on distressing. This year sees the trend heading towards lighter washes and the addition of embroidery and embellishments.
To give an old pair of denim a new and current update all you need is a bottle of bleach. Simply soak a cloth with bleach and squeeze it out slowly over your jeans where you want to create droplets. This creates an effect that'll turn heads while still being easy to style with the versatility of denim. ixdaily bleached denim
Vic Mensa Bleached Denim Jacket

Check Patterns

Justin Bieber Flannel Check Shirt Purpose Tour
The emergence of check patterns in streetwear in 2015 is continuing to gain strength. From a flannel shirt as a layering piece to a statement pair of trousers the trend will continue into 2017. You can shop our OtherUK Flannel shirts here
Other UK LuxeLuce00 StreetLuxe Flannel Shirt

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