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Perspectives Global

Each day there is brokenness that we see but often fail to recognize. In today’s rapidly changing society, where distractions are so present, we can become blind to the darkness, pain, and injustice all around and within us. At Perspectives, we strive to shine a light on this brokenness and actively acknowledge the injustice in the world.
Perspectives is a lifestyle fashion-forward brand that recognizes hope is possible through the connection of people to people and resources to resources. We partner with non-profit organizations around the world, share their story in unique ways, and provide opportunities for individuals to share their talents and resources with these organizations.

Perspectives donates 10% of its earnings directly back to these organizations and, just as importantly, strives to impact the perspectives its consumers have on justice, community, relationship, business and Jesus. 

We desire to bring together a people working to restore true justice on this earth.

We desire to share stories. Stories that are known will create opportunities. With enough opportunities we can help to impact the world. 

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